Fragments of the Largest Gathering in the History of Contemporary Arabic Culture in Agadir

شذرات من أكبر تجمع في تاريخ الثقافة العربية المعاصرة بأكادير

Here you have an article about the Arabic Culture History where Agadir embraced between 21 and 25 October 1988 in cooperation between the National Council for culture “Arabic” and “leader” Municipal Council, the first Arab forum for literary and artistic creation under the slogan “innovation issues and national identity”; what made many cut and without exaggeration that the event is the largest gathering In the history of contemporary Arabic culture, never not kiss or after having met a number of the most significant Arab artists in all areas of literary and artistic creation in time and one place to discuss problematic governing are here national identity as the depth of creativity.

The Forum’s final statement recognized that participants gather that the Forum was the first Forum gathers creators Arabs in different literary and artistic who interact and listen to each other, recognize each area on the peculiarities and difficulties of and prospects for the development of the other domain. In another part of the statement indicated that the participants in this forum live National Council initiative to collect various creative fields for the first time to interact.

The fact that the Forum consider more than ten creative hubs hayaat: thought, philosophy, poetry, short story, novel, literary criticism, theater, cinema, music, folklore, arts and architecture, then; what a precedent never recur.

To demonstrate the size of the event and the value of good presence of lists highlights from attended; some names from raised work published for the Forum, and others derived from memory governed by the scourge of oblivion, and the excuse of not remembering, note that the numbers I spoke then about the presence of two hundred (200) Conference:

Thought and philosophy: Mahmoud Amin (Egypt); w tarabishi (Syria), Mourad Wahba (Egypt); shukrallah (Syria); Avenue Mohamed (Morocco) Mohamed Aziz lahbabi (Morocco); Mohamed Yassin Crystal (Libya).

Literary criticism: Mohideen Subhi (Syria); Mohamed Berrada (Morocco) starboard feast (Lebanon) Taher Labib (Tunisia), Ahmed aliabori (Morocco); Ibrahim Al-Khatib (Syria); Baqir Jassim Mohamed (Iraq) Idris nakouri (Morocco), Abbas algrari (Morocco); Abdulsamad belkber (Morocco); Bashir (lunar Morocco) Fatima University (Morocco).

Novel and story: Suhayl Idris (Lebanon) moderating Osman (Egypt); console me GIMP (Algeria) Elias Khoury (Lebanon), Ahmed Ibrahim Al-Faqih (Libya); Masha (Syria); Idris curate (Morocco) Abd Allah Abu HEIF (Syria); Laila Al-Othman (Kuwait) Samira inhibitor (Iraq) khnath Bennouna ( Morocco), Hani monk (Syria); Ahmed Bahgat (Egypt); lianh Badr (Palestine).

Poetry: mostghanemi (Algeria) Trad Al-Kubaisi (Iraq) Khaled Abu Khaled (Palestine); Naji aloush (Palestine); Salah Niyazi (Iraq); Mohamed Bennis (Morocco); Mohideen Saber (Sudan); a survivor Mohamed Imam (Mauritania) Ahmed the Ferryman (Morocco), Sicilian (Morocco); Ahmed Ullah (Lebanon); Ahmed dahbour (Palestine); on Sharafi (Yemen).

Theatre: Samir alasfoury (Egypt); reason Mattar (Palestine); Salem (Egypt); good almanii (Morocco); Abdel Karim Rachid (Morocco) Nabil hegazi (Egypt); Mustafa El Kabbaj (Morocco); Abdessadeq almgrab (Libya) Abu Ala El salamouny (Egypt); Abdelhak alzerouali (Morocco), Abdelkader obubo (Morocco) …

Cinematography: Salah Abu Saif (Egypt), badrakhan (Egypt) Mohamed Fadel (Egypt) Mona Wassef (Syria); Izzet alalaily (Egypt); Firdaus Abdul Hamid (Egypt); Ibrahim groom (Lebanon) Hashim copper (Egypt) Mohamed passenger (Morocco); Mohamed Noureddine avail (Morocco); healthy Ramadan (Libya) music : Munir Bashir (Iraq) tevfik Pasha (Lebanon) Ahmed labor (Lebanon); Mohamed Bahr (Tunisia) Mahmoud al-Idrisi (Morocco); Mohamed Kota (Tunisia); managed Mohamed (Morocco).

Fine Arts: Angie Plato (Egypt); Ali fart (Syria); w bhegori (Egypt); Mohamed Division (Morocco) chaste bahnasi (Syria).

Media and press: Fred discussion (Egypt) Mohamed Al-ash’ari (Morocco) Fouad tile (Syria); Mubarak Rabi (Morocco) Fatima altwati (Morocco).

In his speech during the official opening session then Culture Minister Mr. Mohamed Benaissa that no meaningful project for Arab creativity in the absence of freedom and the exercise of democratic action. For his part stressed Mr. Ibrahim Radhi, Councilman leader that “cultural and intellectual and creative work, in General, should proceed in parallel with the social and political action for human development and formation of young people.” Two words left a positive impression on Morocco in the minds of many Arabs who guests through that address linking creativity and unusual freedom rarely comes from political leaders in the Arab world.

He was embracing the municipal Palace offers Hall (Hall Ibrahim Radhi) almost welcome Forum works for works of consonants, and contributed some movie stars and television drama the likes alalaily and attributed Firdaus Abdul Hamid of Egypt and Syria from descriptor in me advertising for the event, mobbed by audience in the lobby of the Palace Municipality of Agadir to get autographs and take pictures with the stars created a new Outlook on small screens; the real audience for the Forum constituted of pupils and students and intellectuals of the city who showed unparalleled interaction, between the restrooms, but during performances, assembled in the yard of the corresponding mail Loops with the creators assembled city.

And surprised many Arab artists there who knows them and knows their business by heart in Agadir, which are present in her past the far ends of the Amazigh country. It was no surprise to find someone mentioned student or pupil critically or a poem or a novel or a movie or holding a book author discusses his thoughts and attitudes. This interaction has a beneficial influence on psyche creators Arabs, to the point that the Lebanese critic Ibrahim groom wrote in its coverage of the event in the Parisian magazine seventh day: in Agadir, all sensed his star, from movie stars to Ultra structural critics. ”

The Forum’s methodology to allocate each incoming session creation to read the working paper prepared by the National Council for Arabic culture as a platform for discussion, followed by research and testimonials by practitioners and specialists in the field, to conclude the general debate and open.

First meeting and formed a key junction and one of the finest debater. Marxist thinker intervention raised significant Egyptian Mahmoud Amin the world about privacy in emotional creativity debate and mixed reactions, made the session into the 9 p.m., organizers had to rush to end a date dinner.

Indeed, the world he dares put true to his convictions, while national guidance Forum framed reflector, concentrating on creative identity. Acute reactions revealed that followed his paper how this forum ideologized contrary nacelle real literary and artistic creation. As well you might be interested in reading the following post about the Reflection on the concept of religious intellectual.

In other sessions, the debate was limited to Gynecology each axis, but what wonder, what made the Forum despite promotion Hall unit a could hold workshops are independent of each other, and therefore failed to achieve what drew the Secretary-General of the National Council for culture Arabic Omar al-Hamdi in his opening that The Forum aims to “eliminate the State of schizophrenia between the types and areas of creative work, completed the necessary communication envisages between different literary and artistic activities.”

One of the most criticized in axles organizers, creators certificates let many who did not participate in the scientific interventions hubs to provide personal experiences in the form of certificates, the open area of narcissism and self-aggrandizing. And raced many actors write speeches tirade on their contributions in raising national sense and rallying for Arabic unity.

The Forum coincided with Naguib Mahfouz, Nobel Prize for literature in the precedent in the history of Arabic literature, the great novelist was a present absentee. Discussions took place in the halls of Congress and the scenes of his prize, he went a large section to politicize his award, considering it came to a reward for his support for the Camp David Accords, but raised the issue include closing statement denouncing him and his prize, but the predominance of the Illuminati who saw that great moral stature not saved Add Nobel and not detract from it.

Perhaps the most beautiful axes parallel evenings Forum, enjoy the theatrical evening during which he made public on Salem, author of the play school louts, a political handicapper. It could be an individual scene Morocco Haq alzerouali to captivate the audience by delivering the creator for his play “Sirhan long forgotten. In an evening of singing and mirth, rebelled alakaderi audience to sing, to interact with singing committed in Tunisia and sea of Mohamed person Ahmed labor from Lebanon.

In moments, the memory remained unresolved has been discovered by other man dreams Agadir audience years before “body language” and “pilgrimage”, she will not forget who dropped by the villagers attended the same hairline Badi wrenched her acclaim and applause, will forget the world attending the oud player Munir Bashir intervention It provides for the return of evidence for his ideas, fun or useful link actress Firdaus Abdul Hamid spoke spontaneously how got addicted to reading books without being able to be educated, or Moroccan filmmaker Mohamed passengers shriek as he spoke about the difficulties of financing for his film “Diary of an exile” checked Foresight “for exams or exile without lamotn’s diary”, the singer who uttered the words of public understanding that the diminution of the processing room and accompanying band, what was this audience but insisted on bringing him down from the podium, Mohamed Aziz mediations were not accompanied by Vikash Omar harmed in return to podium Once again.

Palestinian poet Khaled Abu Khaled said in his testimony that he was fourth in the novel “men in the Sun,” and he recanted the ride at the last minute to leave the three who didn’t beat down the walls to their fate, opening space for pupils and students to link the fact with fiction in a novel was then planned novels months Secondary school literature study.

The Forum was like jokes rope salt in food; Abdelhak Alzroali cuts thrown Theatre call a public American luxury-type cigarette for putting the receiver in the heart of his play; on Salem in session stage suppresses critic Moroccan young man asked a point with “sit down, schoolboy, thinking he students Or students over stringently; Director Salah Abu Saif, moderator, novel on Ms. Hani monk to join the platform, to be surprised amid public that Hani sedate man with a beard.

She was one of the most intimate moments of the final dinner on the golden sand of the beach of Agadir, while sand tables erected along the Havok compound, then abandoned many creators reservations and engaged in singing, clapping and dancing to the tune of the backyard.

On the magnificence and contribution to the success of Agadir audience event, the Forum was the first major gatherings in custody, so he recorded some negative aspects, such as exaggerating the applause in the Hall or without marking performances. Otherwise, the Forum much awareness of the intellectuals of the city today, and contributed to the literary and artistic passion configuration when enabled them friction with senior women and men of Arabic culture in various creative inclinations.

In his final statement, the Forum sent a message of greetings and solidarity with the Lebanese national resistance and struggle of Lebanese people, alive in children of Palestine uprising neared its end of the first year, and issued a recommendation on Arabic communities in European immigrant and national identity Alienation and alienation attempts to quote the statement. Interesting that of all the themes of the Forum, independent process recommendations focus on the recommendations of the final statement only music seminar.

Perhaps summed up the point of junction in his closing paragraph that “the Forum yielded the first purpose of knots, acquaintance and exchange of expertise and experience between different areas of literary and artistic creation. If you need more information you can always Contact St Francis Magazine.

For five days, the real capital of Arabic culture Agadir, not as capitals annuals each year called by name without any addition of Arabic literature. After all, these years didn’t come true occurred in the first Arab Forum size for the literary and artistic creation and cynical. It was the National Council for projects like Arabic Culture event in more than one Arab country in a larger size but find the national dream.

In the year 1990 as a country, Iraq project pan-national driving beats Kuwait third national dream coffin nail after nail 1967 setback and nail 1978 Camp David, remains the only city Agadir achieved a dream collection of creators of the spectrum hard today even thinking of putting them in time and place One. It was the day Agadir bride Arabic culture.

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