Religions and mission in the Arab world

What is the future of the Church in the Middle East?  What is the future of ministry in the Middle East?  The events of the last few months have raised questions about what it means to live as God’s people in the face of opposition and suffering.  It begs of God’s people a response that is shaped by a divine view of these events.  We have become so used to the road paved for the gospel by the church being recognised by the state, that these events seem to shake our understanding of God’s purposes.  Let’s reread Acts, and see the story of a small group of followers of Jesus who walked out faith in the face of great opposition, and saw amazing evidence of God at work.


This issue of St Francis has been delayed due to some transitions for some of our editorial and production group.  Please accept our apologies.


The edition begins with a letter to those considering ministry in this region.  The advice and encouragement it offers provides a helpful roadmap for those setting out the journey.  The other articles give context to the place of the Bible in Arabic and how it came to us, challenge us to consider the way we consider areas that are important in discipleship, and present a different perspective on the context the birth narratives of Jesus.  There is a book review as well of Reza Aslan’s book, No god but God.


It is our desire to spur each other on in ministry and the way we live our lives as God’s people in the face of the challenges of Islam



Melanie McNeil

15 January, 2015


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