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Vivienne Stacey

Vivienne Stacey has been a missionary in the Muslim world for over 50 years; she went to Pakistan in 1954. On this page we are gathering all of her writings as far as we can.

Who is Vivienne Stacey?

» This is Vivienne's own biography from her book Mission Ventured
» Vivienne Stacey as seen by her friends and colleagues

Articles and books by Vivienne Stacey

1. Explaining Islam

» Mary and Jesus in the Qur'an
» Muslim Women
» The Supernatural in Islam
» Women in Islam
» The life of Mohammad- the prophet of Islam
» Old Faith - New Face
» Muslims and Christians at Prayer
» Forgiveness in Islam and Christianity
» Christian Conversations with Muslim Women
» Islam today
» Hagar speaks to the Modern World (Genesis 16-21)
» How well do you know your Muslim neighbor?
» Islam: submission or surrender to God
» Life Of Prophet Mohammed and Life Of Jesus Christ
» Muslim Women and how to reach them
» Muslims and Scripture
» Qur'anic View of Women and Family
» The Muslim World Today - Responding Biblically to Muslims and Islam
» The Islamic and the Christian Prayer
» The Authentic Voice
> The Ahmadiyya Movement (1976)
» Comments on some recent trends in the Muslim World (1997)
» The Muslim at Prayer
> Surat al-Fatiha and the Lord's Prayer (1986)

2. Explaining the Christian Faith to Muslims

» How the Bible came to us - outline for 8 lectures
» Answering our Muslim Friend's Misunderstandings of the Christian Faith
» Our Muslim Friends and Neighbours
» Relating to our Muslim Neighbours
» The Use of the Qur'an in Reaching Muslims
» Responding Biblically to Muslims and Islam
» The 'Aid sacrifice and Abraham
» The one who justifies sinners
» Trinity
» Bible Studies for Enquirers and new Believers (1994)
» God is forgiving through the forgiving Savior
» Prophecies about Jesus
» The Second Coming of Jesus
» Mercifull loving Father

3. Issues in Mission

» Rebuking the Powers of Darkness (January 1961)

» Women in Church and Mission
» Anglicans and the Household of Islam
» The Christian Minority in the Islamic State of Pakistan
> Kashmir
> Counsels in Contemporary Islam, Kenneth Craig. Review by Vivienne Stacey
» Training programs for outreach to Muslim
> What is Orientation? (1967)
> Dialogue or Evangelism? (1976)
> North American Conference on Mission to Islam (1978)

> Opportunties for expats in the Middle East
» Report to the Mission-to-Muslims commission of BMMF (1981)
» Summary of the Mission-to-Muslims seminar in Karachi (1981)
» New Approaches in Mission to Muslims (1982)
» Opportunities for Service of Pakistiani Christians in the Dispersion (1984)
» Reservations regarding the Peoples Group Approach
» Vignettes from China (1991)

4. Spiritual Warfare

» The Practice of Exorcism and Healing
» Unholy Spirits
» Christ Supreme over Satan: Spiritual Warfare, Folk Religion and the Occult (1986)
» Power Encounter with the Spirit World: the Supernatural in Islam and Christianity (2005)
» Muslim Women, the Supernatural, the Occult and Power Encounter (1998)

5. Biographies

» Kinnaird College for Women, Lahore, Pakistan
» More Alive than ever - Tara Joy James (2004)
» Chandu Ray
» Esther John
» Archdeacon Ihsan Ullah
» Rev Dr Imad ud-Din
» Rev Dr Frank Safi-Ullah Khair Ullah
» Dr Theodore L. Pennell of Bannu
» Thomas Valpy French, first Bishop of Lahore (article)
» Thomas Valpy French, first Bishop of Lahore (book)
> Annie Budh Singh (1968)

6. Bible Studies (general)

» Bible study on Zephaniah
» Bible study on Hosea 1-13
» Spirit and Soul
» Paphos Studies on Revelation 1-3
» Bible Study on Thine is the Kingdom, the Power and the Glory
» Bible Studies on the book of Micah