Bassam Madany and Shirley Madany-Dann

The Rev. Bassam Madany (b. 1928) and his wife Shirley Madany-Dann went as missionaries to Syria in 1953, and they have served in mission to the Arab World since then. In 1958, Bassam became the Arab radio minister of the Back to God Hour (BTGH), and since then no single radio producer has had so much impact with his Christian Arabic radio programs.

Here we collect the writings of Bassam and Shirley, to honor them and their lifelong ministry. Shirley passed away to be with her Lord on 24 August 2008. HERE you can find a book review Shirley wrote in 1970, giving some nice glimpes into her younger years!

We place their articles here as much as possible in historical sequence. The Madany’s have also maintained two websites where many other articles of them can be found. We would hope for some integration of all these!

After 2005, Bassam Madany used a pseudonym, Jacob Thomas, for his more politically focused articles. Most of these articles were published on You can find all these article by ‘Jacob Thomas’ here. 



Islam is more than a Religion
Mission to Muslims in the 21st century
Muslims questioning Islam
The Bible and Islam: Sharing God’s Word with a Muslim
No other name: the uniqueness, finality and superiority of Jesus Christ



The Correspondence of John Calvin, Bassam Madany, 1950-1
The Foreign Broadcasts of the Back to God Hour, Bassam M. Madany, 1964
The Christian Witness, Shirley Madany, Seniors, September 1965
The Arab World, Shirley Madany, Seniors, September 1965
Hear o Israel, Shirley Madany, Lansing (Ill) Library Talk, November 1965
Tribute to Peter Eldersveld, Shirley Madany, Seniors, February 1966

How Books can Influence one’s life, Shirley Madany, April 1970
How is your Imagination? Shirley Madany, The Young Calvinist, 1970
From Mecca, Shirley Madany, The Banner, June 1971
Christian Witness to Muslims in the Arab World, Bassam Madany, Reformed Bible College, Sept 1972
Hold your Head up High, Shirley Madany, The Banner, June 1974
Islam and Muslims in the World Today, Bassam Madany, 1976 
What is behind the Conflict in Lebanon? Bassam Madany, Christian Herald, June 1977
Journey to Tunisia, Shirley Madany, Missionary Monthly, February 1978
Immunity, Shirley Madany, Outlook, May 1978
Daily Preaching the Word, Shirley Madany, The Banner, June 1978
The Christian in a Muslim Society, Bassam Madany, Reformed Bible College, Spring-Summer 1978
Private Interpretation and Continuing Revelation, Shirley Madany, November 1978
Christianity in the Arab World, Bassam Madany, Eternity, 1979
What do you say to 120 million Muslims? Bassam Madany, Eternity, March 1979

The Threat of Contemporary Islam, Shirley Madany, The Banner, December 1980
Radio in the Mission to Islam, Bassam Madany, February 1981
Do Muslims need the Gospel? Shirley Madany, Reformed Journal, January 1982
Role of Christians in Communication, Bassam Madany, Association for Ref Communication, 1982
Radio is Reaching the World, Shirley Madany, The Christian Reader, March-April 1983
Reflections on 25 Years of Broadcasting, Bassam Madany, Soundings, April 1983
Knowledge of Muslim World Vital to Confronting Islam, Bassam Madany, Broadcast Bulletin 1983
Who are the Shiites? Bassam Madany, Outlook, October 1985
The Treasures of St Catherine’s Monastery, Shirley Madany, September 1986
Winds of Change in the Muslim World, Shirley Madany, the Banner, April 1987
Terrorism: Todays Mini-Wars, Bassam Madany, The Banner, April 1987
Nationalism vs. Utopianism: The War in the Persian Gulf, Bassam Madany, Eternity, January 1988
Christianity the Eternal Religion -audience response, Shirley Madany, 1988
What is the Faith of the Muslims? Bassam Madany, Eternity Magazine, March 1988
A 30-year report of Saat’ul Islah, Bassam Madany, 1988
Two Perspectives: a New Testament Context, Bassam Madany, Faith Today, Nov-Dec 1989

Books everyone should read, by Shirley Madany
Christ in Islam and Christianity, Neil Robinson. Book review by Bassam Madany, 1991
The 200th Anniversary of Protestant Missions, Shirley Madany, Missionary Monthly, January 1992
The Household of Peace, Shirley Madany, April 1992
Arab Christian: a History in the Middle East, by Kenneth Cragg, review by Bassam Madany
A Peaceful Alternative, Shirley Madany, March 1993
Faith and the Initifada, Naim Ateeq and others (ed), review by Bassam Madany
If the Shoe doens’t fit, please don’t wear it! Shirley Madany, Fall 1993
Crying for Justice, Shirley Madany, December 1993
Defending the Fundamentals, Shirley Madany, January 1994
Team Service for the Lord, Shirley Madany, Outlook, June 1994
The Christian Mind, Bassam Madany, Reformation and Revival Journal, Summer 1994
Islam And War: A Study in Comparative Ethics, John Kelsay, Review by Bassam Madany, Nov 1994
As seen from many angles, Shirley Madany, 1995
Converts and Martyrs, Shirley Madany, January 1995
Christian Mission to Islam and Western Culture, Bassam Madany, Outlook, March 1995
The Teaching of Middle East History in the Christian Schools of North America, Bassam Madany, October 1995
Missions to Muslims in the Twenty-First Century, Bassam Madany, WTS, Jan 1997
Jesus in the Qur’an by Geoffrey Parrinder, Review by Bassam Madany, 1997
Islam: Its Prophet, Peoples, Politics and Power, by George W. Braswell, Jr, Review by Bassam Madany, April 1997
Islam on the Move; Equipping Ourselves to Meet Spread of Islam, Bassam Madany, Banner, May 1997
Ecumenical Jihad, Peter Kreeft, Review by Bassam Madany, summer 1997
The clash of world cultures, by Bassam and Shirley Madany, September 1997
Hated without a Cause? Graham Keith, Review by Bassam Madany, November 1998
A Muslim and A Christian in Dialogue, by David Schenk, Review by Bassam Madany, November 1998
A Tribute to a Missionary Scholar – Dr. Harvey Staal, by Shirley Madany, February 1999

After 2000
The New World of Globalization, Bassam Madany, January 2000 

The World in the Post 1990s – Part One – Bassam Madany
The World in the Post 1990s – Part Two – Bassam Madany
The World in the Post 1990s – Part Three – Bassam Madany 
What’s the Attraction? Shirley Madany, March 2000 
The World in the Post-Nineties, Bassam Madany, Fall 2000
Encouragement, Shirley Madany, The Muslim World, October 2000
Christian Missions in the New Century, Bassam Madany, October 2000
Irresistible Grace, Shirley Madany, The Muslim World, December 2000
J. W. Sweetman: Pioneer Missionary Scholar, by Shirley Madany, December 2000
American Muslims, by Asma Gull Hassan, review by Bassam Madany, after 2000
A Cloud of Darkness over the Muslim World, Bassam & Shirley Madany, The Muslim World, Feb 2001
Christians in Kuwait and Iraq, Shirley Madany, The Muslim World, April 2001
The Plight of Eastern Christianity under Islam, Bassam Madany, April 2001
Clash of World Cultures, Bassam and Shirley Madany, Missionary Monthly, August-September 2001
Muslim/Christian Encounters, Bassam and Shirley Madany, November 2001
What You Need To Know About Islam & Muslims, by George W. Braswell, Jr., Review by Bassam Madany, 2001
Western Bagage, by Bassam and Shirley Madany, May 2002
Islam: Past, Present, and Future, Bassam Madany, 2002
Islam in Context: Past, Present, and Future, by Peter G. Riddell. Review by Bassam Madany, 2003
In Depth: A Conversation with Bernard Lewis, Bassam Madany, 2003
Islam Unveiled, Robert Spencer – Review by Bassam Madany, November 2003
The Complex Nature of Middle Eastern Problems, by Bassam Madany, 2003
Onward Muslim Soldiers: How Jihad Still Threatens America and the West, by Robert Spencer. Review by Bassam Madany, 2003
After Jihad; America and the Struggle for Democracy, by Noah Feldman. Review by Bassam Madany, 2003
Comparing Islam with Christianity, Shirley Madany
A passionate western apologist for Islam, Bassam Madany, 2004
Jesus Christ our Lord Almighty, Bassam Madany, 2004
The translation of the Bible into Arabic: Preliminary Remarks, Bassam Madany, 2005
The Trinity and Christian Missions to Muslim, Bassam Madany, 2005
Denials of the Armenian Genocide, Bassam Madany, 2005
Should We Apoligize for the Crusades? Bassam Madany, 2005
Rethinking Missions Today: Neo-Evangelical Missiology and the Mission to Islam, Bassam Madany, 2005
Islam is More Than a Religion, Revisited, Bassam Madany, July 2005
Pauline Missiology Part I, Bassam Madany, 2005
Pauline Missiology Part II, Bassam Madany 2006

Bibliography: christian missions and Islamic studies, Bassam Madany, March 2006
The Translation of the Bible into Arabic, Bassam Madany, 2006
Passionate Western Apologists for Islam, by Bassam Madany, 2006
Ex-Muslims Attracted to Western Secularism, Bassam Madany, 2006
A Dangerous and False Theory: Equivalence between Christianity & Islam, Bassam Madany, 2006
The Plight of Arab Christians, Bassam Madany, 2007
While Western Christians Theorize, Arabic-Speaking Christians Dialogue, Bassam Madany, 2007
Religious debate in Saudi Arabia: On Defining the Other, Bassam Madany, 2007
The Church Facing the Global Challenge of Islam, Bassam Madany, 2007
The Missiology of Kamil Abdul Masih, Bassam Madany, 2008
Bassam Madany about his years at Reformed Presbyterian Theological Seminary, 2008
Algerians Alienated from Islam, Bassam Madany, February 2009
Jacques Ellul’s View of Islam & Dhimmitude, Bassam Madany, June 2009
Toward a Tanweeri (Enlightened) Hermeneutics of the Quran, Bassam Madany, July 2009
A Syrian Muslim’s Retreat into Unbelief, Bassam Madany, October 2010

Not dated
Samuel M. Zwemer: Defender of Apostolic Missions, Bassam Madany, Middle East Resources (n.d.)
The Plight of Middle Eastern Christians, Bassam Madany (n.d.)
Islam in Context, Peter G. Riddell and Peter Cotterell., Review by Bassam Madany, Middle East Resources (n.d)
Bernard Lewis on Triumphalist Religions, Bassam Madany, Middle East Resources (n.d.)
The Pursuit of God, A.W.Tozer, Book Review by Shirley Madany
Al-Qalaa – Algerian Movie Review, by Shirley Madany
Christian Missions to Islam and Western Culture, Bassam Madany
A Different Kind of Prison Ministry, Shirley Madany
A Panoramic View, Shirley Madany
The Muslim World: Distinctively Christian Lifestyle—Daring to be Different, Shirley Madany
Discovering Christianity, Shirley Madany
Discovering Christianity II, Shirley Madany
Establishing a New Base-America, Shirley Madany
Faith comes by hearing, Shirley Madany
Freedom, Shirley Madany
Hopeful Signs, Shirley Madany
Islam And War: A Study in Comparative Ethics, by John Kelsay, review by Bassam Madany
Islam is more than a religion I, Bassam Madany
Islam is more than a religion II, Bassam Madany
Khilafa for Britain, Shirley Madany
More Global Watching, Shirley Madany
The Nearest in Affection: Towards a Christian Understanding of Islam by Stuart Brown, Review by Bassam Madany
Pluralism in theology and in the church, Bassam Madany
Recognizing the New Dhimmitude, Shirley Madany
Reflections on the “Uniqueness of Jesus Christ”; Discussions at Reformed Ecumenical Council, Bassam Madany
Religion, Law and Society: A Christian-Muslim Discussion, by Tarek Mitri, Review by Bassam Madany
Shared Problems: Shortage of Water and Increased Population, by Shirley Madany
Slavery, by Shirley Madany
The Great Feast, by Shirley Madany
The greatest hymn, by Bassam Madany
The World after 11 September 2001, by Bassam Madany
Troubled by Truth: Biographies in the Presence of Mystery by Kenneth Cragg, Review by Bassam Madany
Universalism in Modern Missionary Thinking, by Bassam Madany
Yemen 1894-1994, by Shirley Madany
Your Muslim Neighbor, by Bassam and Shirley Madany
Commentary of the Epistle to the Hebrews, Bassam Madany
The Internet as a Mission Tool, By Shirley Madany

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