Religions and mission in the Arab world

The deteriorating situation in countries like Iraq, Syria, Sudan in the Middle East region may make us wonder what the future is for many there. But, it is in the midst of this upheaval many are choosing to follow Jesus. That demands that we look at what God is doing, seek to understand it as God does, and continue to seek ways to reach out and disciple those who choose Jesus.

This edition of the St Francis Magazine explores the use of liturgy in the discipling of followers of Jesus from a Muslim background, particularly offering a liturgy for their Baptism. Abu Daoud argues that the Bible is replete with examples that demonstrate the role of liturgy.

Salaam Corniche explores some of the issues in expressions of Christian faith that Muslims react to negatively. He looks at the structures and beliefs of Islam that have shaped belief systems for Muslims and stand behind their reactions.

Corniche’s article is followed by Ian Freeman’s article that looks at the issue of the Son of God, one of the fundamental points of reaction for Muslims. Freeman explores the translation challenges by reviewing the work and conclusions of the World Evangelical Alliance (WEA) workgroup. The conclusions of this group provide a framework for Bible translators with respect to the Son of God.

In ‘Living Among the Breakage’, Rev Robert Montgomery reviews the thesis of Duane Alexander Miller. Miller focuses on the way these followers of Jesus are making theology as they learn to interact with and respond to living their new found faith. We conclude this edition with a book review by Miller on David Garrison’s book ‘A Wind in the House of Islam’.

Growing a contextual theological response has practical implications. This edition encourages us to explore theology making in a range of ways. Share your stories of theology making with the St Francis Community.

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Inside/Outside: getting to the center of the Muslim contextualization debates, by J. S. William
Inside/Outside: getting to the center of the Muslim contextualization debates, by J. S. William >>download the pdf